Organizational Culture Evolution Assessment Navigator (OCEAN) - Culture Bench-marking

This Organizational Culture assessment identifies the specific “Culture Evolution Levels” your organization is at and helps you navigate your culture’s evolution.

Bench-marking Organizational Culture is required to Evolve the current company culture to higher levels of efficiency, engagement and proactive action towards organizational objectives. Get insights to areas that you are more evolved in and define organizational culture directions by measuring what’s working and what is not.


This Organizational Culture assessment is designed by Globally ranked as the world’s #4  Thought Leader in Organizational Culture Development, Arthur Carmazzi. It measures your current company culture and provides insights to plan improvement to the organizational culture you want to achieve. All evaluations are confidential and the more honest you are in answering the questions, the better the effect of making the necessary change to improve the organizational culture and fulfillment in the organization.

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Importance of Organizational Culture

A DCI study on organizational culture including 70 companies/divisions of similar sizes with 600 to 800 people across industries was conducted to identify the effectiveness of manpower based on 17 parameters that determine good or bad culture.

By Arthur Carmazzi,
Global Top 30 Leadership Thought Leader

Organizational Culture Assessment

According to Arthur Carmazzi’s Research, there are 5 levels of corporate culture, and each statistically has proven different levels of efficiency based on comparable skill benchmarks across 8 different industries.

organizational culture consulting

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The lowest corporate culture: “The Blame Culture” harnesses the lowest productivity from its people. A DCI Research initiative led by Arthur Carmazzi identified an average Organizational Culture where 100 people are doing the work of 100 people. While in a poor organizational culture 100 people were doing the work of only 68. While, at the highest level of corporate culture evolution, the Leadership Enriched Culture, 100 people are doing the work of 159. That’s like having an extra 59 free employees more than the Average, non-dysfunctional corporate culture. Would that make you more competitive?

Corporate Culture Evolution requires the functional base of Directive Communication psychology at the mental, emotional and physical levels of an organization to create a common method of communication, understanding and approaching tasks and decisions. Arthur Carmazzi’s Organizational Clture Change program facilitates visible results through the knowledge and skills required to apply DC Culture Evolution strategies in the change management and culture change process.



It outlines the 5 organisational cultures and the steps required to help them evolve to a greater and more effective working environment. The 5 cultures are as follows:


  • Little trust
  • Act in self interest
  • Do not take many risks
  • Little innovation
  • Paycheck driven
  • Inefficient
  • High level of fear


  • Little communication
  • Loyalty is to specific groups and not to the organization
  • Cliquish
  • Lots of gossip
  • Critical of other departments
  • Little cross-departmental cooperation


  • Complacency
  • Mental stagnation
  • Low creativity
  • Average cooperation
  • Average communication
  • Little future vision


  • People believe in the product or service of the organization
  • People feel good about what their company is trying to achieve
  • Cooperation is good
  • People have a similar goal in the organisation
  • Not limited to job description, will actively look for solutions


  • People view the organisation as an extension of themselves
  • People feel good about what they personally achieve through the organisation
  • Individual goals are aligned with the goals of the organisation
  • People use group resources to actively solve problems


The OCEAN Organizational Culture Assessment tool is applicable to multiple Organizational Development and Culture Change processes. Endorsed Certified Organizational Culture Consultants have undergone a strict approval process to ensure there is a quality system of implementation for organizational culture change.

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