Become an Organizational Culture Consultant

Earn up to$12,000a week helping companies “Measurably” improve their engagementand efficiency, and supporting Digital Transformation initiatives

Get a Complete system, implementation process, tools, and marketing to make an impact, make money, and get more recognition as an expert.

This is System is based on the internationally accredited Directive Communication Psychology Culture Revolution Process for sustainable organizational change.

What you get:

  • Full Training and Support
  • Ability to show clients Visible ROI
  • A “0 Risk” marketing system that makes it difficult for ANY company to say
  • 4 tools that do most of the work for you
    • OCEAN – Organizational Culture Evolution Benchmarking and Assessment
    • CBCI – Eliminates Communication and Trust Barriers by connecting teams through awareness and system prompted insights of the Brain’s Genetic Clarity getting process of each team member
    • EDMA – Management Perception Gap analysis: Helps managers identify if they are doing what they think they are doing and how that affects culture
    • Squadli – Performance Measurement and work gamification app to nurture high performance culture focused behaviors
  • Built in upsells from client meetings
  • Multiple Revenue Opportunities
    • Consulting
    • Coaching/mentoring
    • Keynote speeches
    • Consulting retainer
    • Culture based Team Building
    • Organization wide Psychometrics
    • Pre-Digital Transformation culture readyment
  • Support Culture and Motivational Fit based Hiring practices
  • Build Trust, Engagement, Innovation, and Efficiency with Culture Evolution processes
  • Nurturing Organizational Culture Base Leadership
  • Create Perpetually Motivating Performance Management systems that get people excited about work and build cooperative cultures
  • Actively measure and promote living Culture Values

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