Davidson Abishegam

Davidson (Dave) is a certified Directive Communication (DC)) Psychology® Colored Brain® trainer and facilitator. He is also a professional PSMB Certified Trainer, Business Coach (IPMA/ICF) and author of 8 Vital Skills to Succeed at the Workplace. Dave has more than 20 years of international training experience and is the founder and CEO of KCOM Academy, a pioneer in the professional development and training industry since 2003 and he specializes in upskilling corporate executives and leaders to meet organizational goals as well as to enhance personal development. Some of his frequently requested training programs are: Business Communication Business Writing Skills Conflict Management Presentation Skills Supervisory and Leadership Skills Customer Service Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Creative Thinking / Problem Solving Human Resource Management Interviewing Skills Dave’s reputation as a trainer has spread throughout the South East Asia region. There are numerous corporate and government clients who have entrusted the training needs of well over 30,000 corporate executives into his capable hands. Notable clients include organizations such as Bank Negara, Berjaya Group, Citibank, The Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Defense, Microsoft, National University of Singapore, Singapore General Hospital, Securities Commission and the United Nations just to name a few. Dave has also nurtured and launched the careers of many aspiring trainers. He generously shares his wisdom, with the hope of inculcating a similar commitment amongst a new generation of training professionals. In line with his passion and dedication for adult professional learning, he founded what is now known as KCOM Management Sdn. Bhd, a well-known training centre for the provision of business intelligence for the corporate, government and semi-government sectors. Dave currently leverages his extensive experience as a trainer to spearhead the overall development and growth of KCOM Management as its CEO and Managing Director. Get in touch with me if you require any assistance...
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