• People believe in the product or service of the organization
  • People feel good about what their company is trying to achieve
  • Cooperation is good
  • People have a similar goal in the organisation
  • Use personal resources to actively solve problems
  • Not limited to job description, will actively look for solutions
  • Most everyone is in sales, marketing and PR; they are walking ambassadors
  • No conflict between organisations promise to customers and employees
  • Many are passionate about the product/service

Primary Values of a Brand Congruent Culture are:

Believe what you say

Live what you believe

Product/Service Improvement is everyone’s responsibility

Considerations in Evolving a Brand Congruent Culture:

  • Cultivate a continuous improvement campaign for the individuals
  • Infuse the idea that leadership is not a position but an identity that lets you excel in your endeavors.
  • Apply Directive Communication based Leadership training to align your people with an organisation centered leadership identity
  • Empowerment only works if people use it. People must be developed as leaders in their own areas.
  • Excess bureaucracy and control kills empowerment and leadership development.
  • Alignment of personal and organisational/group goals and values is essential for evolving to the next step
  • Apply Directive Communication psychology alignment strategies such as the 6 step Creative Synergy Program
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