• People view the organisation as an extension of themselves
  • People feel good about what they personally achieve through the organisation
  • Cooperation is exceptional
  • Individual goals are aligned with the goals of the organisation
  • People use group resources to actively solve problems
  • Not limited to job description, will do what it takes to make things happen
  • Most everyone is in sales, marketing and PR; they are walking ambassadors
  • People are consistently brining out the best in each other
  • Leaders do not develop followers, but develop other leaders
  • Leadership is contribution driven and not ego driven
  • Very Low employee turnover
  • Most are passionate about the organisation and what it represents

Primary Values of a Live and Let Live Culture are:

Everyone has something to offer to you and the organisation

By assisting others to be their best, you will become better

Leadership is an identity one must adopt, it is not a skill

Considerations in Evolving a Live and Let Live Culture:

This is it. There is no further evolution. If you have achieved this, you have arrived. The challenge now lies in maintaining it. To continuously develop your people and let them develop those who are new to the organisation as it grows.

At each level of Organisational Evolution, people will be working, acting, thinking, and feeling at different levels of personal commitment.

The DC Pyramid of commitment will give you an additional guide to evolve your people and your culture to the ultimate “Self Actualization” panicle of personal and organisational success.

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