• Complacency
  • Mental Stagnation
  • Low Creativity
  • Average cooperation
  • Average communication
  • Little future vision
  • Work in the moment for future goals
  • Monotonous routine
  • Lacks passion

Primary Values of a Live and Let Live Culture are:

Keep the
status quo

Don’t complicate

If it’s not broken,
don’t fix it

Considerations in Evolving a Live and Let Live Culture:

  • Cultivate a base of trust by allowing people some freedom to make decisions
  • Attach KPI’s to that freedom and measure at least every month
  • Give people a sense of progress and recognition for their actions
  • Are they proud of what your organization does? Involve them in its development.
  • Find 3 or 4 key individuals and assist them to add value to your organisation with how to improve products or service
  • Publicly praise and reward them
  • Involve your employees (or teams) in the PR process and get them quoted by the press (after coaching of course)
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